He called it "borderline worthless."

He was frustrated.

For years, Bill Prater, a Business Coach based in Seattle, Washington, had struggled getting people he found online to become paid coaching clients.

"I felt the whole social media marketing thing was so inauthentic," he says. "But the way you've crafted this approach onĀ LinkedIn, itĀ enabled me to use the Internet in an authentic way that I'd been using for 15 years, but believed I had to be face to face with somebody."

Listen to Bill's incredible success story and (more important) start using LinkedIn the same way he does!

With 500 million members in 200 countries, and with 2 new members joining every second, LinkedIn is the best place on planet earth to find new business.

The KEY, as Bill explains on this Podcast, is understanding how to talk to them!

We cover that (and much more) on this episode of Nemo Radio!

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